El Molí Vell d'en Sala  (7 places)

 * 290 €  for weekend from Friday to Sunday.
( 70 € for every day more.)
* 600 €  for week.
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       La petita del Molí (4 places)

*190 € for weekend from Friday to Sunday.
( 50 €  for every day more.)
* 400 €  for week.

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Rules in the cottage El Molí d'en Sala
The guests are not allowed to exceed the number of places fixed by this establishment.
The guests that rent the Molí d'en Sala are responsibles that this does not happen and signs this document.

The boat, the garden, the barbecue and the external toilet are spaces shared between the guests of the cottage,  familiars and the friends of the owners.


It is not allowed in the cottage :

1st. Listen or put music outdoor the cottage since the 9h of the night until the 9h of the morning neither put more outdoor lights that there are in the cottage. 


2nd. Park autocaravans neither camp in the cottage.

3rd. Do night parties outdoor since the 9h of the night until the 9h of the morning.

4th. The minors of 14 years old can not bath or use the boat in the ponds
if they are not watched by their parents or their responsibles .


In addition the direction of el Molí d'en Sala is not responsible of the accidents that can produce when you swim or boat in the pond
This is responsability only of people that realise these activities .


Any non-compliance of this normative gives right to the direction of the Molí d'en Sala to kick out  the guests without any right neither to the return neither compensation of the quantities you payed before  .

Read these rules shall be signed and now accepted
by both parties in a jointly signed document..