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Location of el Molí d'en Sala in Monistrol de Calders (Barcelona)

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MONISTROL OF CALDERS is a town of 700 inhabitants located at the end of the plain bordering the Bages and Vallès Oriental only 60 km from Barcelona, 30 km from Sabadell and 25 km from Manresa. 1 km from Monistrol de Calders we find "EL MOLÍ D'EN SALA"   where it is easy to reach  with a forest track in very good condition. We can also note that at 10 km in direction of Vic, we find Moià, where we can visit its Museum at the birthplace of Rafael de Casanovas, defender of the city of Barcelona in the Succession War in XVIII century, and we can see too the Caves of  Toll, among many other interesting sites.

30 km towards Manresa (heart of Catalonia) we find the famous mountain of Montserrat. Now is very easy to get the "cremallera" (zipper) train, a mountain train ( with free car park for train users), from Montserrat you can enjoy the magnificient landscape of the plain of Bages.


Here is a detailed plan of how to go

to el Molí d'en Sala from Monistrol de Calders.